Florida Law Enforcement Institute of Advanced Training and Technology


In todays Society Law Enforcement Training, Certification and General Education  needs to be driven by the best of Instructors and Teachers in their fields who specialize in advanced Training and Technological theory for the 21st Century Law Enforcement Officer and Command Staff Personnel

Who We Are?

We are a group of Current and Former Law Enforcement and Correctional Officer Administrators, Teachers, Advanced Training Coordinators and Instructors, and Published Authors who all teach and train in the areas of Law and Law Enforcement.   We supply training that is second to none, in all areas of Law Enforcement and Correctional Officer Training.  We  Specialize in Advance Training Topics and Courses that effect every person from the Front Line Law Enforcement Officer, and Correctional Officer, to all stages of Supervisory and Command Staff Levels of an Organization.  We also Implement and train on the newest technology that is cutting edge for Todays Law Enforcement and Correctional Officers.

Over 50 Years Of Combined Training and Experience